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The first month of learning anything new is always the hardest

"Which language should I choose? Codecademy vs. $15,000 Bootcamps? How do I get started?" We’ve heard all your frustrations, and we’re here to help.

Both Mattan and I agree that the first month of learning to code is the hardest month. That’s why we created One Month! We’re two self-taught programmers who know the confusion that comes with getting started. And so, we’ve created all of our courses from HTML, and JavaScript, to Python with the absolute beginner in mind!

Have questions? Kindly email teachers@onemonth.com. Ask us anything. We’re here to help you get started, and to have some fun along the way.

- Chris, teacher at One Month

Meet our lead instructors

Chris Castiglione - teaches Programming for Non-Programmers, Learn HTML, and Learn JavaScript here at One Month. He's an adjunct professor at Columbia University Business School and host of the Learn to Code Podcast

Mattan Griffel - is faculty at Columbia Business School where he teaches Python and Data Analytics. Mattan is Y Combinator alumni and was named on Forbes 30 under 30 list in Education.

Mattan and chris

Over 120,000 students have taken One Month courses and gone on to build amazing businesses and careers.

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Alex K. Endorsement

"One Month helped me launch an app that would have cost $20,000 using a Rails developer. I built it myself in a weekend."

– Alex K.

Teena B. Endorsement

"One Month has been such an awesome intro to programming, and I'm discovering that I love it!"

– Teena B.

Jordan W. Endorsement

"One Month is the best place to learn programming. The teachers are phenomenal. People from all backgrounds can grasp the concepts."

– Jordan W.

Sarah M. Endorsement

"The best way to learn is to do, which is why One Month is so great. You watch, you do, you repeat. It's the best way to make things stick"

– Sarah M.

Jovan H. Endorsement

"I changed my life with a new career in just 6 months."

– Jovan H.

Charles B. Endorsement

"I've traveled a steep learning curve thanks to Chris' friendly and lucid style of teaching!"

– Charles B.

Join One Month today!

Learn Python, HTML, JavaScript, and more. Invest in yourself, and upgrade your career.

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